Rode Kater

Hi! I'm Rode Kater

As a digital artist, my passion lies in illustrating cats. My most recent project features Rode Kater and his family. Each piece of art is handmade using the Procreate app, ensuring that the entire creative process is free from AI assistance. You can also follow me on X to get the latest updates on my work.

NFT Collection on Objkt Documentation

In addition, I create complimentary illustrated e-books that introduce children to the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrency. They are available for download at no cost. If you find value in this initiative, your donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated to support the continuation of this work.

Download "Bitcoin for kids" English version Download "Bitcoin for kids" Dutch version

All the books are free and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


Everything shared on this website is free and will be free forever. But if you like to support me, here are my wallet addresses. I'd appreciate your support.

BTC: bc1qpk72mwmrvx6hpf9n5e62e92a55r7axkgeazrwh

ETH: 0x1117E70fB304cD8b8249D980Bf665A3EddEf4945

BNB: 0x1117E70fB304cD8b8249D980Bf665A3EddEf4945